Learn a better way to a healthy body and happy life!  Start today with mindful nutrition and exercise approach that is fun, easy and gets results!  Create a Life you love with a sensible approach to your health!

Carmen Shawn is a HOLISTIC LIVING COACH that helps clients overcome health  and body challenges through mindful nutrition, movement and habit change.

Carmen figures out what your personal health and wellness issues are, how they intersect and what affects them holistically.  Helping you develop strategies to overcome any obstacles both personal and professional to live a balanced lifestyle.



Losing 1.5lbs per week consistently! I can’t believe I am actually enjoying my meals and how easy it’s becoming.  I have never felt this before with food.
Veronica Lopez

Our sessions have changed my self confidence and has helped me loose 15+ pounds in the past 6 months

J.J. Collins

Carmen is a kick ass personal trainer! She is super down to earth and is comfortable to be around.

Mona Racicot

I would highly recommend Carmen to anyone who wants to improve their physique and have fun while they are doing it!

Lori Shapiro


The best kind of happiness is something you are passionate about.


Sharing brings the greatest joy.


Health and fitness is a journey and I am here to help you on your way.

Carmen Shawn Holistic Living Coaching is located in Bronte, Ontario.


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Please be advised that there is a 24 hour Cancellation policy for private training or any one on one sessions.