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Sunday, 2016

My Body Looks Good Therefore I Must be Healthy

  • My Body Looks GoodThereforeI must Be Healthy!


I remember signing up my Instagram over a year ago- a non-fitness related account and somehow I stumbled upon a “fitspo” account. I remember thinking to myself “Damn, I want to look like her” and so my little fitness quest began.

I began following more and more fitness girls who were ripped and […]

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Monday, 2016

Want Better Shoulders? Do Your Movement Prep!


My weakest muscle group in appearance and strength has always been my shoulders.  I am prone to injuries and have a hard time putting on size. It some what has to do with having a very small frame but I have made a lot of improvements over the years!  

Like […]

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Tuesday, 2016

Why Are We So Hard On Ourselves?

  • Believe in Yourself! I Do!

As I transition into entrepreneurship, I have realized a lot about myself.  I think the biggest problem or thing holding us back, is the fact we focus too much on our weaknesses.  And I mean focusing on thinking they are holding us back or that we can`t get past them.

It […]

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