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Monday, 2015

7 Not So Common Tips To Burn Fat

  • 7 Not So Common Tips to

These not so common tips to fat loss all boil down to what happens inside your body. You can’t just think of calories in and calories out!  Remember you eat different macros because they have a metabolic purpose.  You need to think about what you are eating and when!  You […]

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Thursday, 2015

Carmen Shawn Squat Challenge

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Just starting a fitness program? Or feel like your squats could be better but not sure how to improve them?


This is not your typical squat challenge!  I am not asking you to do 50 squats a day for a month!  What I want to do is help […]

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Wednesday, 2015

Project ME!

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I am 13 days away from my 45 th birthday.  I woke up Sunday after judging a fitness competition and took a long look at myself in the mirror.  Not just how I looked  physically but looked deeper than that.  I truly didn’t feel myself. I have been playing tug […]

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