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Sunday, 2015

Health & Fitness Tip: Tip #1- Want Great Glutes? Stretch!

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Fitness Tip #1:  Want Great Glutes? Stretch!

We all have glutes but that doesn’t mean they work or look like they should!  Without your glutes firing properly we can’t execute, or at least we can’t with good form, many exercises!  Especially squats, deadlifts and even being able to utilize […]

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Sunday, 2015

Holy Avocado!  10 Reasons Why You Need To Eat This Fruit

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Avocados are a special type of fruit.  Most fruits are high in carbs.  Not this fruit though!  In a 100 gm serving there is 9 gms of carbs but 7 of this is fiber.  So not only are avocado full of vitamins and minerals but also high in fiber.

Avocado has […]

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Monday, 2015

Weight Loss: The Facts and The Myths! Test Your Fitness IQ

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Have you tried every “diet” you can possibly think of? Do you have trouble losing weight and keeping it off? You feel like you are on a never ending roller coaster ride! Sound familiar? So many of us have gone through this or continue to go through it. So don’t […]

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