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  • Iron deficiency

Iron Deficiency, Exercise & Performance

If you’re an athlete or an active person, you probably already know that exercise can put stresses on your body that increase your daily nutrient needs. What you may not know is that your daily intake of key vitamins and minerals is also crucial in supporting the body’s ability to […]

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  • leg workout for results

Killer Leg Workout For Results!

Want results with legs but worried about getting “big legs”?  This workout starts with heavier compound exercises then ends with a killer circuit for the burn!  KILLER LEG WORKOUT FOR RESULTS!

A1.  Barbell Hip Thrust:  10 reps



A2.  Front Squat: (this can be with kettlebells or a goblet squat if you are […]

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  • Guarantee your results

Guarantee Results By Practicing the 4 P’s!

When trying to reach our health and fitness goals, we first focus on the big 3:  Weight loss, more  muscle and looking better.

When I set goals with my clients I go pretty deep.  I do this because I can guarantee at some point they will get off track, feel defeated […]

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  • #movementmondays

#MOVEMENTMONDAYS: Anti-Rotation Press


The great thing about the anti-rotation press is you have different variations and progressions.

 Anti-rotation exercises are to help prevent your spine from rotation or twisting, which is very important for your lower back.

For the record you should know that your lumbar spine (bottom of your spine) is not designed […]

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