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Wednesday, 2015


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Don’t go from being sedentary to working out full tilt every day! Going too hard too soon can cause injury and be discouraging!  For one you won’t see the results you want for the effort put in and two because you may get so sore you can’t do your next […]

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Friday, 2015

PROJECT ME: One Day At A Time!

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Steps to creating wellness:

1. Acknowledge there is a problem and own it!  The biggest reason people fail to commit in making changes, is they don’t see the big problem.  They know they don’t feel good. They know they need to lose some weight.  They even know they don’t eat well. […]

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Thursday, 2015

Choosing The Right Coach For You!

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Helping people feel better, look better and be better in life is why I have been in the industry as long as I have.  I continue to learn and grow as a trainer and now more into wellness coaching.  Over the years I have accumulated many certifications, attended conferences, workshops […]

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