Posted December 14, 2016

Want results with legs but worried about getting “big legs”? This workout starts with heavier compound exercises then ends with a killer circuit for the burn! KILLER LEG WORKOUT FOR RESULTS!

A1. Barbell Hip Thrust: 10 reps


A2. Front Squat: (this can be with kettlebells or a goblet squat if you are just starting out) 8-10 reps


Super set A1. and A2. Rest 90 seconds and do 3-4 sets (start with 3 and progress to 4)


B1. Modified Single Leg RDL: 12 reps each leg

B2. Single Leg Hip Thrust; 12 ea leg


B3. Single Leg Step up: 12 reps each leg


B4. Sliding Lateral Lunge: 12 ea leg (use gliders or a small piece of cloth on tiled or wood floor)


Do B1. to B4. without resting in between. Rest after completing circuit for 60 seconds. Do 3-4 sets (I suggest starting with 3 if you are new to working out.

Bonus finisher: (not pictured)

C1. Duck walk: 30 reps

In a low squat position on toes. Walk forward staying low and on toes

C2. Crawl out and jump in: 15 reps

Start off in a low squat position. Crawl out until you are in a plank keeping abs tight so hip aren’t sagging to the floor. Jump in so feet are beside your hands and repeat.

C3. Plate push or sled push: 30 secs.

Use either or. This will depend on your gym. Keep a neutral spine and use your legs in a lower position.

Do C1. – C3. in a row. Rest when completed for 60 secs and then repeat for 3-5 sets.

How much weight you use will depend on your fitness level. When you are doing the circuit, you will have to go with lighter weights so you can complete it in good form and get the 12 reps in.

Now go KILL some legs!

Photos by Arsenik Studios Inc.