Posted January 4, 2017

1. Not sure what to do

All of us have been here. You decide it’s time. You go buy some gym clothes and some running shoes. You get the gym membership. You go to workout and end up walking around doing just the machines you know and end up on the treadmill doing 60 mins of cardio. I applaud you for making the steps to get to the gym and do something but our time is valuable. Working with a trainer in person or online is a great way to get started and more importantly getting started on the right foot! Online training is a great affordable option! I use This not only allows me to communicate better with my clients it also gives the clients amazing programs they can follow easily at the gym via the app!


2. Not sure how to execute exercises properly!

If you are going to workout why not do it so you make sure your form is on point! Not everyone can afford to train one on one so this is where online is beneficial! (which is the software I use for all online clients) gives you exercise videos for every move that ensure proper form. This is the one biggest complaint I got about online training with just a written program. Clients want to do it right but find it too time consuming to google all the exercises to see what it is and how it needs to be done! My online programs using Trainerize allows me to feel confident that my clients will get the exercises done with much better form and saves them time!

3. Lack of motivation

mobile-workout-587x1024We are all motivated and positive the first week. We are consistent and on point but then week 2 and 3 come along. We start being less consistent and less motivated. Month 2 rolls around and well our 3 times a week to the gym are down to 3 times a month! Self-motivation comes with time. It comes with results and results don’t happen overnight. Without that push and help with motivation it becomes less appealing. Having a workout partner helps but even then you both may end up slacking off together which supports your decision to let exercise slide! By working with a trainer online, you are able to check in with them. Talk about your obstacles and come up with solutions! We all need pep talks from time to time! With the Trainerize software I use, the app lets you know how many workouts you have completed. It sends you a message every day reminding you of your workout for the day. You can also track your workouts via the app so you can see your progress in strength and endurance. Now that is motivating!

4. Lack of accountability

Even with all of our get up and go at first and our hard work, accountability is the key to success in your fitness journey! Again Self-accountability comes with time but until then having someone to check in with and to guide you in the right direction allows you to learn how to be self-efficient. and its app allows you to message your trainer using the same app that you get your workouts from. When you check in for your workouts daily, your trainer gets a daily summary telling them who worked out and what they did. You can’t get away with missing a workout without them knowing! Now that is accountability!

5. Tired of caring around papers or books in the gym

This is another thing we all do or have done. Dragging that 5 page program in a plastic sleeve that you end up leaving somewhere. Or you bring a magazine or book that gives you a generic workout. 9 times out of 10 this workout isn’t even the best thing for your body type or goals! Eventually all the excess and the lack of results puts you back to just going to the gym and jumping on the treadmill or not going at all. With the trainerize app you get personalized programs with video instruction all online so you get the convenience of working out when you want for less! The only thing you need is your phone! We take that with us anyway! But if you did want to print it out you can. Print it out and keep it in your gym bag for those days you forget to charge your phone!

6. Get bored and quit!

This is so common. I see it over and over again. This is the poison in every fitness journey, boredom! This poison slows down results, decreases consistency, ruins motivation and even stops you from going period. Back to square one you go! Stop the vicious cycle by getting a trainer who trains their clients in phases and cycles. This has been very easy for me to do on trainerize! I can plan each client ahead of time with their phases based on their goals. The plans are easily adjustable if needed. No more boredom with constant changes in programming both for cardio and weight training.

I have been in the industry for a very long time. I am still old school with a lot of aspects. I believe in integrity, honesty and really care about the results of my clients. The best change I made was adding trainerize to my arsenal. I can now give my clients the attention they need and deserve in a much more organize fashion. Seeing the workouts every morning from the day before on my home page and seeing them plan their weeks is what makes my job so great! I am helping others become fit and healthy and there is no better feeling than that.