Posted February 13, 2017

Stop wasting time on the bike as a warm-up!  If you have sleepy glutes sitting on them isn’t going to help!  We are continuously moving in one plane of motion or we are sitting on our hump all day.  If you want to get a great looking back side, you need to wake up your glutes first.  The purpose of a warm-up should be to prepare the body for the activity you are about to do!  In order for your glutes to activate, you need to create mobility in the t-spine and the hips.

With a combination of foam rolling and a great dynamic warm-up, those sleepy glutes will be awakened! 

Start with foam rolling your T-spine and lats (yes these can affect how your hips move).  Then go to your hips, inner thighs, quads, IT band and calves.  This is a great start to a workout but don’t stop there!

These 3 movements are great for anyone to start with.  They hit your whole body in different planes.  Especially through your hips.

After foam rolling these movements are done INSTEAD  of walking on a treadmill or sitting on a bike.  My dynamic warm-ups include more than this and depends on the clients.  After foam rolling I will get them jogging around the gym but this depends on their level and the workout for that day.  I may include butt kicks, jumping jacks, high knees and frankensteins.

The key to a good warm-up is creating better mobility in your joints.  Not just increasing body temp.  Yes by increasing body temperature it will help lubricate the joints but that doesn’t mean it will create more mobility.

The biggest issue that stops you from getting great glutes is lack of mobility in your hips.  Your glutes are asleep and don’t fire.  Making sure you are getting in a great warm-up prior to training legs is going to be crucial in glute development.

Using band mobilization prior to the dynamic warm-up is also a great way to improve mobility.

Before starting your workout make sure you lock it in with some stability.  This could be any of the following:

  1. a) Barbell hip thrust           b) Wall dead bug (core)
  2. a) single leg hip thrust       b) plank toe taps (core)
  3. a) X-walk                              b) plank with leg lifts (core)

I am big on also stimulating your core before doing legs because without it movement is off.  Core bracing is another element that should be added before any workout.

We tend to skip the warm-up and the stretching after.  Both are key to injury prevention, better movement patterns, muscular development and longevity.

If you have any questions about warm-ups and what is best for you, please feel free to message me

Live well,

Carmen Shawn