Posted September 5, 2017

Are you the get up and go person who grabs a coffee and muffin or bagel on the way to work?

Do you feel tired to the point of exhaustion half way through your day?

Are you under a lot of stress?

Are you lacking sleep?

Are you skipping meals?

Do you crave sugar?

If you have answered even one of these questions with a yes more than likely you suffer from food swings.  Like a mood swing,  you have ups and downs in your day with food.  You eat because you are hungry, but make poor choices so you end up eating shortly after even when you aren’t hungry.  This is caused by a few things:

  1.   You spiked your insulin and have crashed so your body craves food especially sugar.
  2.  You are tired so your body sends a signal to eat to relieve that but you aren’t really hungry.
  3.  You eat out of boredom, stress or emotions.


There are so many ways to make adjustments with your lifestyle that will cure the FOOD SWINGS.

  1.  Drink plenty of water.  Water decreases inflammation and when hydrated it helps alleviate tiredness.  It also helps with digestion.
  2.   Eat a balanced meal.  Your plate should consist of 1/4 quality protein source, 1/2  green vegetables and 1/4 of dense starchy vegetable or grain. Also don’t forget your healthy fats and add 1-3 tbsps of high quality fats.  Adding fat and/or protein to a meal keeps your insulin from spiking.  The worse thing you can do is get on the blood sugar roller coaster.  Keeping balanced blood sugar is the key to losing fat and maintaining energy levels. 
  3.  Reduce stress.  The effects of stress on the body are literally devastating.  There are all different kinds of stress.  Chemical, physical and emotional.  Not only do we need to find ways to turn off and relax every day but we need to reduce the chemical and physical stress we put on ourselves as well.  Our bodies don’t know the difference.  Stress is stress. So chemical, physical and emotional stress gives the same stress response on the body.  It will mess up your sleep, your digestion and can create poor food choices.  
  4.  Eating sugary carbs for breakfast.  In the morning our cortisol is naturally a bit higher to wake us up and get us going.  Unfortunately we have screwed that up and now our cortisol is higher at night and low in the morning. This is why we struggle to get out of bed and don’t sleep well at night.  When we eat a ton of carbs for breakfast, especially without protein or fat, it spikes insulin and that causes a larger increase in cortisol.  So now you not only are going to cause a sugar crash and get tired mid day but you are also decreasing fat burning by elevated cortisol.  Key is to eat  moderately in the morning.  With a bigger focus on protein and fats.  Eat berries and avoid starchy/sugary carbs.
  5.   Sleep is key.  Lack of sleep effects your “hunger hormones”.  Leptin decreases appetite and gherlin increases appetite.  Studies show that lack of sleep increases the gherlin hormone and decreases the leptin hormone.  This is why you want to eat when you are hungry.  Sleep is keep to recovery, proper eating, digestion, and much more.
  6.  Get rid of as much processed and packaged foods as you can.  Avoid low fat, no fat, sugar free products.  Chemical stress on the body elevates cortisol and effects blood sugar.  Remember balanced.  If there is no fat or low fat it is replaced with sugar.  If they say no sugar it is replaced with another form of sugar which will still elevate insulin.
  7.  EXERCISE!  Exercise helps create insulin sensitivity which is what you want.  It also helps increase muscle mass improving your body composition.
  8.  Avoid skipping meals.  This messes with blood sugar levels as well.  It not only creates a metabolism slow down but it also means when you do eat you will over eat.  Your blood sugar gets too low and you eat everything in sight.  So yes you can be either too high or too low.  Remember balance truly is key to avoid overeating.


There are so many things that effect your eating habits and a lot of it has nothing to do with food.  In my 6 Week Reset Transformation we look at stress, your environment, the when, why and how to eat.  We have all been there where you get a coach to give you a meal and workout plan and you see no results.  Not because the plan sucks but because the other aspects of your lifestyle aren’t in place.  Fix those and I can guarantee you will see results.

Avoiding food swings will get rid of your frustrations and create positive thoughts and actions.

Live well!

Carmen Shawn