Posted December 20, 2017

We all need a vacation!  Time to get away from the monotony of our lives.  Relax without any obligations or rules!  Wake up when you want, do things you don’t normally do and have no regrets!

Unfortunately, our programming our beliefs do creep in. “I can’t go to a disco, I’m too old.  I am going to eat everything in sight and start my DIET when I get back.  I am not doing that because I will embarrass myself.  I am not putting on a bikini, I am too fat!  I am going to the gym everyday!”

I was just recently in Mexico for 7 days.  Much needed and approached this one unlike any other.  I didn’t diet before.  I wore a bikini like a champ even though I wasn’t a shredded beast!  I ate what I wanted but followed all my health coaching tricks to make sure I came out of it without guilt or feeling sick!


  1.  You can go to the disco at any age on vacation!  Let loose and enjoy yourself at least one night.
  2. You don’t have to eat like a hog!  More than not you waste food and feel like you are going to be sick. Not a great feeling when you are on vacation!
  3.  What happens on vacation stays on vacation!  Think outside the box!  Do things you wouldn’t normally do even if you aren’t a master at it!  Have fun with others and enjoy the beauty around you! Nothing else matters.
  4. You can rock a bikini no matter what! But if you don’t want to wear one you don’t have too!  Wear what makes you feel good and comfortable. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else!  It is vacation! No one else matters but you!
  5. Don’t put expectations on yourself to HAVE to do anything!  If there is a gym well, you have an option for movement (great if you have a rainy day!).  BUT movement is key!  You are on vacation so be creative.  Where I stayed they had fun water aerobics, zumba on the beach, outdoor fitness classes, paddle boarding, snorkelling, beach volleyball, yoga and dance classes!  Tons of variety for movement.  You can also go for walks on the beach which are damn amazing!  Excursions are great as well that involve hiking, swimming and snorkelling.

Vacations aren’t meant for alarm clocks, text messages, schedules, and definitely not stress.  Compromise with your vacationing friends and do things you each like to do.  Try things you wouldn’t do that someone else is interested in.  You never know you may love it.  But if not then you find out what you can handle!  Nothing wrong with that.

The key to better digestion and mindset is stress release.  So enjoy and RELAX.  Use the time to let go of worries,  get into yoga while away for ultimate stress release and or use the spa for an outdoor massage by the beach!  Take this relaxation with you.  Remember the feeling and come home with affirmations to continue these techniques at home!

It is very easy to get carried away when it comes to eating.   It is also easy to get into your “at home” routines.  Like going to bed at 9pm, waking up early to workout or eat because you are afraid the food will be gone! (that never happens by the way) You sit on the beach like a slug with no movement!  Yes relaxation is key but movement can be fun and relaxing.  Especially when you are somewhere tropical!

Here are a few tips to survive a vacation without guilt:

  1. When eating stick to 3 meals a day.  You tend to eat a bit more and honestly snacking in between isn’t necessary.  Espeically if you drink one or two drinks with umbrellas in them!
  2. Approach each meal using some techniques I give clients:  The 20 minute meal, and The magic plate.  Key to these are slowing down, chewing and balance on your plate.  Enjoy foods that aren’t your high energy foods less!  So once a day enjoy something you want and use the 20 minute meal to allow you to enjoy it and not over eat.  (The 20 minute meal is a process I use that gets you to slow down your eating.  It is a fun and interesting approach to meal time!)
  3. Take digestive enzymes after each meal.  Again you tend to eat more and this can be hard on your digestion for a few reasons.  You may not be use to eating that much at once.  You may eat foods you don’t normally eat.  This just helps the digestion process a bit.  Not big on taking them all the time.  Your body will start to rely on them.  But in this case it is just a little helper!
  4. Watch how many creamy and sugary drinks you have!  This is a huge case of empty calories.  In a 5 oz pina colada (trust me they are bigger than 5 oz!) it is approximately 300 calories.  Also alcohol has a strong effect on insulin levels.  It raises insulin very high, which drops blood sugar levels very low.  Which is what causes massive hangovers and lethargy!  I have a HOW TO BOOZE GUIDE in my program that gives you the in and outs of alcohol.  Calories, how to avoid hangovers, how to be kind to your liver and much much more! Great for you social butterflies out there!
  5.  Be B.A.D! B – break free from your routine!  A – act naughty!  D – do some fun crazy stuff!  One of the main reasons we fall back into old habits is because of comfort.  We are routine and scared of change.  So set yourself free from time to time!  We rebel against things we can ‘t do!  So go do it!  You can eat what you want when you want with my Health Coaching strategies.  The crazy thing is what you eventually want and when will change with these strategies!
  6. STAY HYDRATED!  It is easy to drink less water when you eat more and feel full.  It is also easy to drink alcohol and not get in water!  When you are in the sun all day hydration is key!  Also, drinking lots of water between your 3 meals will prevent snacking! With my How to water guide I explain how much water is necessary for you as an individual.

Regardless if you are going on a Tropical vacation, a weekend in NYC or the cottage in the summer, we should not feel stressed about the outcome!  It is ok to take time off and it is ok to enjoy food and drinks but always remember the what, when, why, where, who and how of eating!  Eat mostly what makes you full of energy!  Eat only when you are hungry and honour your fullness!  If you go grab food, ask yourself why first.  Are you hungry or just bored or drank too many sugary alcoholic drinks!  Eat where you can enjoy your meal.  Sensual eating is key to many factors including digestion.  If you are craving sugar or snacks ask yourself who you are in that moment.  Then of course how. Are you eating fast?  Are you eating on the go?

All these factors will effect your digestion, fullness, hunger and cravings.  I will be holding a Seminar at different locations in 2018 called HOW TO KICK THE SUGAR HABIT.  This is a great way to find out more about why we start and can’t stop and how to kick the habit for good.

I hope this helps you when travelling.  Again it doesn’t have to be to a tropical island, it can be helpful for business trips, short or long vacations!  We should be able to do what we want without being worried about our eating or relaxing!  A happy life is not restricted, full of rules and schedules nor does it mean you need to be perfect!

If you are interested in finding out more message me to book a FREE Total Body Breakthrough Session! This is a session you will find very informative and helpful in achieving your ultimate goals!

Live well!