Posted January 10, 2018

Have you ever wanted a piece of cake so bad but know it’s not your best choice so you gulp it down super fast so it will seem like you never had it at all?

Do you ever sneak food when you know no one will catch you after telling your spouse or roommate you are making changes?

Do you scarf down your food and still feel hungry after?  Not satisfied at all so you keep eating?

I discovered something very interesting but also very disturbing this past week.  I was in the elevator and an Uber driver stepped in with a McDonald’s bag.  A big one at that!  I was actually curious about it and asked if he does more deliveries or pick-ups right now.  He said deliveries, no one wants to go out right now.  Which makes sense.  But then he says 80% of his deliveries are from McDonalds.  At first I was thinking maybe it is just him and coincidental.  Then 3 days later another Uber driver got in the elevator with another huge bad of McDonald’s. So I asked him about it.  (Curious mind I have!) Crazy thing is, he tells me the exact same thing.  His words “It is like they don’t want people to see them go and buy it so they order it and it’s like it never happened”

This to me is nuts but so true and the reality of what convenience has done to us.  Like WTF happened?!  When did we become so fearful and dishonest to ourselves?  Or have we always?

I can honestly say I have gone in the freezer on a few occasion and dug into ice cream, standing with the freezer door open.  Eat a bunch of spoonfuls real quick and tossed it back in like “what?” LOL.   Why are we constantly eating behind our own backs?

As someone who has competed for over 10 years, I can honestly say that is what started my downward spiral.  Not that competing is bad.  I loved it but for me, how I thought, it got me on a different path.  I ate so bland and was so restricted that I got out of the habit of cooking meals.  I started this stupid thought process of “if it tastes good its bad for me”.   When it comes to weight-loss programs (nutrition and movement) we are constantly told WHAT NOT TO DO,  DON’T EAT THAT, DON’T TRAIN LIKE THAT etc.  We are all unique and deserve a unique plan.  Not everyone needs the same supplements. Not everyone is going to do well on the same healthy foods and not everyone wants to train the way someone else does (or should they).

We are human. When we are told we can’t have what we desire, we want it more.  So we get sneaky.  Just like when you tell a child they can’t do something and you turn your back and they are covered with your make- up!

I use DESIRE STATE GOAL SETTING in my Weight-loss & Beyond 90 Day transformation.

Why you ask?

When we deny our appetites and desires, they tend to find their way out in anger and frustration.
Or worse, our appetites turn against us in the form of overeating, over-medicating, over-drinking or other addictive behaviors.

It’s so painful to feel like we can’t get what we want that we DENY wanting it in the first place.

This happens so subtly, you may even deny that you’ve denied your desire!
When we shut down our desires, we close off our opportunity to connect with our power and feel wholeheartedly fulfilled, which is part of our life purpose – to feel wholeheartedly alive and fulfilled.
I want to suggest a new way to see your desires and appetites… What if your desires and appetites were actually pointing you in the direction of your life’s purpose?
What if your appetites and desires were the golden key that opens up the experience of fulfillment, satisfaction, aliveness and freedom that you are searching for?
John Eldredge, author of the bestselling book “Wild At Heart”, says,
“Absolutely nothing of human greatness is ever accomplished without Desire. Not a symphony has been written, a mountain climbed, an injustice fought, or a love sustained apart from desire. Desire fuels our search for the life we prize.”
If denying your desires makes you do things you feel guilty about later and you end up doing the opposite of what your goals are, then why do we do this?
Desire state goal setting focuses on what you can have and what you truly want.  This isn’t even just about food.  This is about figuring out what truly makes you happy so you don’t self-medicate.
We have been raised to believe that life needs to be a total shit show or be boring as hell.  If it were any other way you aren’t doing what you are suppose to be doing!  Which is a crock of you know what!
Even the most successful women suppress their true desires.  They may go to alcohol, food, or anger to self-medicate.  NO ONE is immune to this!
What my clients discover:
1.  What’s holding them back or stopping them from reaching their goals.
2.  What foods supply them with energy and sustenance.
3.  How to let go of stress and be more present in their lives.
4.   How to eat and what to eat for their unique bodies.
5.   Ways to balance blood sugar, get rid of unwanted fat and to improve digestion.
If a meal plan and a workout plan really worked it would have already! Yes you will get results but do you want to live your life by someone telling you whatt you can’t do and eat?!  Do you want to be restricted to foods just on your meal plan?  Do you want to be able to go out and enjoy social time without feeling guilty or restricted?  Do you want to live waiting for someone else to change so your life can be better?
In order for change to occur in your life, change first has to happen within YOU.

Transformation Begins With you!

So here’s the paradigm shift I’m asking you to embrace…
YOU are the creator of your experience.
And you get to create any experience that you want.
How great is that!?  Can you freaking image?!  No one can make you happy but you!
If you want to create a shift.  If you want to stop eating behind your own backs and make permanent change where you can actually embrace your desires, then book your FREE Weight-loss Resistance Discovery Session Call today! ——->  Let’s Chat
Yours in Good Health