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Learn how to eat, move and create a winning mindset!

are  You feeling a bit lost when it comes to your health now that you are at or approaching mid-life?  

your strategies to weight-loss and more energy just aren’t working any more and no clue where to go from here!?

This is common but not a life-sentence!  By becoming INSPIRED you start taking ownership on what you need to change and let go of what doesn’t serve you.  Leaving room for new, positive and life changing experiences!  Being 35 and over is the best time of your life!  START BELIEVING THAT AND FEELING THAT!  You are worth it!

Our bodies change.  What worked then doesn’t work now.  But why?  No one talks about that weird and mysterious time before perimenopause and menopause.  Yet, we struggle and change.  We feel this shift and not sure what is happening.  We get the brush off like we just need to suck it up and wait to hit menopause.

This doesn’t have to be the case and we shouldn’t just accept it!  As our hormones change it effects our moods, our bodies and our minds.  We aren’t going crazy but we go crazy trying to figure out the why and how over 40!  THE GOOD NEWS IS THERE IS A SOLUTION!  LIFE OVER 40 CAN BE AND IS AMAZING ONCE YOU KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT AND HOW TO WORK WITH IT!


Over the last 2 years I have successfully helped many women over 40, just like you, get the know-how on being healthy OVER 40.  They started losing weight, increased their energy, had better insight to their health and bodies and learned how to tap into their PERSONAL POWER to start living in Harmony and happiness!  Taking on new and exciting goals to nourish their lives again!

I remember when I turned 40 I felt really lost.  I wasn’t sure what was going on in my body and unsure of my future.  I had no sense of purpose.  I never had children, so felt that I lost out on that.  So now what do I do?  I always thought I would be a  mom.  Then on the other hand, my clients are feeling lost because their kids are getting older and they don’t need them the same way they did.  They too feel lost and not sure what they need to do for themselves because they have been doing for others so long.

I really wanted to help women overcome their challenges.  I systematically help women discover themselves again!  Feel like they are in control with a renewed sense of self.  Age is just a number and life is just getting started at 40.  All we need to do is learn how to eat and move again based on our new stage of life. Learn how to use our intutition and be more present in our day.  Manage stress and be able to dodge obstacles like a pro!  Let’s pave the way for other women and show them what life is all about! Inspire others to do the same and be leaders in LIVING HEALTHY OVER 40!  It is possible…..


Even if you are in your late 30’s and feeling amazing (I know I did!), 40 comes quick and it kicks you in the butt!  Change seems like it happenned over night.  This program is great for anyone who wants to know what happens as we age.  What happens to hormones, our bodies, our minds and our lives in general.  How to overcome these changes and start feeling amazing again!


Here is how your life will change!

  • Learn what happens as we age and why so you can have a better relationship with your body and life!
  • Learn how to regain gut health and build the relationship between gut and brain for optimal health.
  • Clear and inspirational goal setting! Define what 40 means to you and what you would like to accomplish moving forward so you feel more fullfilled.
  • Discover what your high energy foods are so you create more energy as well as improved body composition.
  • Learn how to exercise to support your amazing 40 something body so you can move better and feel better.
  • Re-discover your purpose.  Start feeling in control and learn what truly works for you and your lifestyle.
  • Tap into your personal power so you start using your bodies intuition again.


“I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying my meals and how easy it’s becoming.  It’s amazing how satisfied I feel after a balanced meal. I have never felt this before with food. I also went from 186lbs to 180lbs in a month.
Thanks Carmen for teaching this family a  balanced meal can be appeasing. “
Veronica Lopez – Super mom



Before you can move forward you need to clear the clutter!  This is the pre-program clean out!  No matter who you are, or how “tidy” you are, there is always somewhere you need to clear the clutter.  This frees up space to take on new more positive habits and thoughts.


The Inside Scoop on what is happening to our bodies over 40
This is a very insightful and informative step!  Find out what happens as we turn 40 and the changes we can expect as we travel through this journey.  There is a shift and you will find out why. You will have a better appreciation for the aging process and how to overcome limiting beliefs around it.  Learn how to improve gut health, which deteriorates as we age.  The gut and brain work together.  Improving your gut and mindset will change your life!
You will re-invent your life through strategic goal setting.  Creating a vision of what 40 means to you and how you want to live your life.  We will go through a visualizaton process and use some release techniques so you can open up room for your new and exciting goals.
Discover your HIGH ENERGY foods to give you more energy and improve your body composition 
This isn’t a diet it is a lifestyle.  Knowing what foods are best for you, especially over 40, is crucial to you reaching your health goals.  We uncover patterns that have been leading to weight-gain and low energy.  Create new patterns once you know the cause so you can move forward feeling amazing after each meal.
We will also cover supplementation.  The pros and cons and what is suggested for women over 40 to help with hormone balance, improving metabolism and improving digestion.
Balanced eating and it’s importance in creating VITALITY and improving FAT BURNING. 
Now that we know what your high energy foods are we are going to put them together and make balanced meals!  We go through simple and effective ways to control portion sizes and maintain balanced meals no matter where you are!  Keeping you full of energy and make you a fat burning machine!
I give you strategies to use when eating out and when you are at parties.  The ins and outs of controlling blood sugar to optimize energy and weight-loss.

Learn how to MOVE better to FEEL better!  
Wouldn’t it be great to do the things we could do when we were 20 when it comes to movement?  More flexibility, more energy, more everything!  BUT that comes with a cost!  We aren’t in our 20’s so trying to move like we are can cause adrenal issues, injuries and make us end up hating exercise.  The opposite of what we want.
In this module we discuss what type of exercise is best for your body type and for women over 40!  We focus on improving movement in order to optimize the exercise you do and want to do.  We don’t move because our bodies feel terrible!  So let’s get you moving better so you feel better!
Techniques to handle stress and how to Make it work for. 
Part of the reason we end feeling drained and can’t lose weight is stress!  So we dig deep here to find the cause of your stressors.  What can be avoided and what you just need to be able to handle better.  I use tips and strategies that instantly make you feel in control again!
You can be eating the right foods, exercising and still not see changes in your body.  Stress is the #1 fat burning killer!  Less stress = better metabolism.
Tap into your PERSONAL POWER and Live with PURPOSE!  
Our lives are all different but one big thing we all have in common as women over 40, is loss of our personal power.  20-25 years ago, we had a purpose or we thought we did.  Go to school, get a job, have a family.  Well that is great and admirable.  But that is only for the first half of your life.  What about after?  When you are sick of the job and feel like you aren’t growing mentally or emotionally.  What about when your kids get older and don’t need you the same way they use to?
Feeling lost and not knowing where to go from here is overwhelming and makes us stuck.  This module helps you tap into your personal power and intuition so you can find and live your purpose.  This is the beginning of your life!  The fist half was just gathering information. Let’s tap into all that stored power and use it to KICK ASS OVER 40!

“Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER think that I would learn to enjoy foods without counting macros or without the guilt, but I have in as little as a few weeks.  8 years of habit turned around with Carmen’s guidance in just a few weeks!
Here’s the best part, we don’t just focus on foods (which is my biggest weakness), we focus on mental rehearsal, how to cope and manage my stress, how to understand certain triggers and how to cope them.”
Parveen Kaith — Mom, wife and entrepreneur

This group is for you if you…

  1. Want to learn how to feed and move your 40 something body so you feel in control again.
  2. Want to stop dieting and re-ignite your intuition and metabolic power.
  3. Set and achieve new and exciting goals.
  4. Understand what happens to your body and health in your 40’s.

How it works…

  1. Every week we do a group video chat using Zoom (content is listed above).  Don’t worry though, if you can’t make one, it will be recorded and available to you.  This will be every Thursday starting October 4th, 2018 at 8:30 pm
  2.  Each week you are given homework and action steps to work on.  You are given worksheets and information that will continue to be valuable to you for life!
  3. Access to a private Facebook group for extra accountability and support.

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