Happy and Healthy Over 40


As a HOLISTIC LIVING COACH I show clients how to look and feel FABULOUS with Mindful/intuitive nutrition and mind-body therapies! Giving clients the tools to start living a life they love!


Happy & Healthy Over 40 is a Holistic Living Program designed to:

  • Create a better relationship with food.
  • See your beauty and embrace who you are.
  • Feel sexy, alive and youthful over 40.
  • Have true harmony in your life without dieting.
  • Learn what, where, why, when, how and the who of eating.
  • Learn how to manage stress.
  • Create healthy habits that lead to the outcomes you have been trying to get but haven’t yet achieved.

Clients work with me privately during the 90 days whether it be in person or via zoom.  You receive an hour session once per week plus a 15 minute follow up 3 days post session.  This gives you the right system, support and accountability you need to create habit change that sticks. I am not just your supporter and teacher, I am also your cheerleader and friend!

We approach this program by eliminating judgement and only looking at everything with compassion and curiosity.

The program will touch your soul, heart and mind in a way that can enlighten you and create emotion you never knew you had.


If you or someone you love could benefit from losing weight, gaining energy, and transforming your body using mindful/intuitive nutrition, then schedule your Living Healthy Over 40 DISCOVERY SESSION:   TRANSFORM YOUR BODY NOW!

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