Posted July 14, 2018



Who doesn’t love a good party and we all definitely want wellness!  Win win!

Are you looking for something different to do with your friends, family or co-workers? Are you in charge of your wellness program at work and always looking for something new to do for Health & Wellness?

Holistic Living Coach Carmen Shawn, will come to you and present a health and wellness talk plus do a healthy cooking demo, to you and your group! How fun!

You can choose from our list of topics or you can request a customized presentation created to meet you and your group’s specific needs.








Our topics include:

Balancing Blood Sugar for Fat-loss ~ Learn what affects blood sugar, both food and lifestyle and how to easily create balance.

Eating For Energy ~ Learn which foods and combinations provide “natural” and sustained energy

Stress Management ~ Learn which foods and lifestyle techniques decrease stress levels and enhance your life

Aging Gracefully ~ Learn tips to improve your overall health and wellbeing

Boost Your Brain Power ~ Learn how to boost your brain power through food and lifestyle choices

Digestion – Go with your gut~ Learn why certain foods can cause you grief and how to eat for your body-type.  Also find out how lifestyle change can improve the gut!

Movement ~  Learn the FITT principle, how to get started,  how to create consistency and what to do for your body type.  

How to be healthy with a busy life! ~  When you are constantly travelling, on the road or meeting with clients it can become a health and wellness nightmare.  Learn how to handle your health mindfully while still on the go!

Wellness Party includes:

  • 1.5 hour presentation including Q & A
  • Hand-outs to take home
  • Healthy Living Trivia Game – Prizes for winners!
  • Cooking class (choose one of the following):
  1. Healthy snacks
  2. Nourish bowls
  3. Breakfast bowls
  4. Gluten Free cooking
  5. 10 Minute meals

All this for only $20 per person.

Click below to contact Carmen for your Wellness Party or for any inquires.